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Agility and the Dalmatian

What is Dog Agility?

Agility can best be described as an obstacle course for dogs. Dogs are taught how to run through tunnels, weave through a line of poles, jump over different types of jumps, scramble over an A-frame, run up a ramp, over a “bridge” and down a ramp, and jump through a tyre (and other fun things too).

They also learn to do all these things under the control and direction of their handlers.
Most dogs love Agility and it is a great way to get out and have some *fun* with your dog!

There are many dog clubs in all States currently offering Agility classes and whether you just want to teach your dog some new skills and have fun, or you fancy the idea of competitive Agility I would urge you to go out and give it a try.

Who can do Agility?

Most fit and healthy adult dogs can have a go at Agility. When it comes to competitive Agility, the height of jumps is adjusted according to height category of the dogs.  But generally speaking, this sport tends to favour medium sized dogs with strength, flexibility, speed, energy and “zippiness”. Unsurprisingly, Border Collies and Kelpies excel at it.
But guess what? Medium sized? Energetic? Strong? Zippy? These are all words which could
very easily describe a large number of Dalmatians I know! Amazingly there are very few Dals competing in Agility Trials.

As far as the people go - I have seen children of about 8 or 9 successfully learning Agility with their dogs (parental supervision a definite must) and people over 70 having a go. Because the dog has fun and you are learning how to teach your dog new skills, the two of you are learning together, and having fun together - it is a great way to build a stronger relationship with your dog.                                       

Agility is one of those activities you can do with your Dal whether it is a rescue from the local pound or a Grand Champion in the show ring. Something you do together to add a whole new dimension to your relationship.
As long as your dog is healthy, has no joint or weight problems and has finished growing - Agility could be just the thing for you!

So, why not find your nearest Agility class and take your spotted friend along. I’m sure s/he will thank you for it. And who knows – we may soon see some more Spots zooming around competition Agility courses.
Go the Spotty Dogs!


* Pictures on this page are of Carrie (Mistydal My Western Girl CD ADX JDM SPD SD ET)
Ernie (Sutania Mr Muppet ADX JDX ET), Pokadot Power N Poise CD ET and Gussie (Speklan MV Agusta JD ET).
They were taken by: Simon Simson, Vickie Priestley, Lara Sedgmen and Tammy Watts.


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